The FUTURE of Recreational Drugs & Their POTENTIAL Could Change Your LIFE | David Nutt

The FUTURE of Recreational Drugs & Their POTENTIAL Could Change Your LIFE | David Nutt

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Over the past few decades, research in neuroscience and pharmacology has yielded many positive benefits to humanity.

However, clinical trials for certain drugs were not allowed until recently. This included the psychedelics class.

A few organizations have made significant progress in the field of psychedelic drugs research around the globe, and they are working with regulators to answer the question: What do these drugs do to our brains?

Today’s guest is Dr. David Nutt. His team at Drug Science has brought together top drug experts from many clinical backgrounds to provide clear, evidence-based information on how a wide variety of drugs, from CBD to PCP, impact the human body.

Dr. Nutt’s latest book, Cannabis (seeing Through the Smoke): The New Science of Cannabis and Your Health gives a detailed look at one of the most popular recreational psychedelics: cannabis.

Today’s episode features David’s findings about how cannabis affects various systems in the brain. We also discuss how it differs with other drugs. What the future holds for drug research and much more!

SHOW NOTES: 00: 00 | How Cannabis Works
How Will I Respond to Cannabis?
Benefits of Cannabis
22: 09 | Psychedelics & Your Brain
Are Drugs Safe?
The Future of Cannabis

“You have to remember that cannabis can also affect other neurotransmitter systems in the brain.” [09: 13]

“Medical cannabis will be the biggest revolution in the next 20 year, if it is used properly.” [13: 45]

“Normally, the visual systems are embedded within the visual system. But under psychedelics, because you break down the default mode network, the visual system can then connect everywhere in the brain.” [28: 10]

It must be tested. It needs to be tested.

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