Keep informed. Be well. Episode 37: Joe Dolce: The Benefits of Cannabis – Why It’s Medicine

Keep informed. Be well. Episode 37: Joe Dolce: The Benefits of Cannabis – Why It’s Medicine

This week’s podcast features John Malanca interviewing Joe Dolce (ex-editor-in-chief of Details magazine). Follow this remarkable individual as he discusses the history, future and truths, myths, and the common misconceptions surrounding pot/marijuana/cannabis…call it what you will, it’s all good for you!

Enjoy our podcast as Joe and John discuss cannabis’ ever-evolving world. Cannabis, whatever its name may be, has a long history and has many useful benefits.

Dolce discusses the history of cannabis, the descent into the prohibited and then into a Schedule I “drug” (and back again), state-by-state, and federally.

Joe will delight in telling stories of the success of cannabis, its history of prohibition and the welcome surprise of people who use it for medicinal purposes, as he travels the globe to seek societal input. Malanca and Dolce talk about the political landscape and how it influences marijuana. We discover that we may not know the truth about this sacred plant and that answers to our questions will inevitably lead us to more questions!

You can watch something different but very relevant to today’s world. It will help you answer the question, “Should i use cannabis?” Is cannabis a dangerous drug? Are stoners smarter than I am? If cannabis is so effective in treating disease and symptoms, why do they have the power to make my decisions ?”

Some questions and answers will help you to clear your mind, feed your anger, and maybe confirm or change your previous beliefs.

Tune in to find out!

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