Clegg and Hitchens on UK drug enforcement – BBC Info

Clegg and Hitchens on UK drug enforcement – BBC Info

Sever Clegg says the “war on treatment is rarely any longer working”, however Peter Hitchens says “there became no war”. The columnist acknowledged cannabis has been “effectively a decriminalised drug in the nation for a few years”, and the amount of prosecutions has been “dropping devour a stone”. But the feeble deputy high minister acknowledged: “Remedy are tainted for you, they trigger danger. I’m a dad, I create no longer resolve on my teenagers hooked on treatment”, however he told Mr Hitchens that he couldn’t “factual resolve on it away and by some potential mediate you will be in a local to restrict treatment out of existence”.

The pair spoke to Each day Politics presenter Jo Coburn about what the UK, and one more governments, bear and bear no longer been doing about the prohibition of gear.

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