Chocolate Chip & THC Granola Bar Recipe

Chocolate Chip & THC Granola Bar Recipe

Put a kick in your morning with this Chocolate Chip & THC Granola Bar Recipe. Learn with @chefmitchellallen as he includes chocolate chips, THC Canna Butter and peanut butter in this delicious granola bar recipe. Have it as a breakfast on-the-go or your mid-meal snack. Stay tuned to our Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabis without the need to inhale to consume.

Chef: @chefmitchellallen

Director/Producer: @Cristina_0sorio

Food Stylist: @foodstylistnewyorkcity

Photo/Video Director: @michaelspainsmith

Video/Editor: @jakepopek

Digital Tech: @eaves_fotografie

B-Roll: @valarozacreative

BTS: @lishcov

Brought to you by the creative minds @illicitgardensmo

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